Hook 'Em

With Genuine Hush Puppy Flavor!

New South Paws combines the "sweet science" of Southern cooking with delicious seafood to create a whole new class of hush puppy. Until now, this traditional side dish of the South was often served alongside seafood entrées. New South Paws™ puts great-tasting seafood inside our genuine hush puppy coating to create an original, one-of-a kind entrée.

Why Menu South Paws™?


Available in multiple species and portion sizes. There's an endless selection of menu applications, from appetizers to entrées!


Differentiate yourself from the competition with a one-of-a-kind seafood item.


From freezer to fryer in just minutes, you can't get a made-from-scratch taste any faster (bakeable too!).


Simple comfort food is certainly popular right now. South Paws™ allows you to serve familiar flavors in a totally different way.


South Paws™, a unique branded concept, definitely provides a way to serve up seafood with fun and excitement.